Beautiful People

A medical scientist and his family are having dinner together in their isolated villa in the hills. But just as they’re getting comfortable, the family is assaulted by three violent, masked thugs who donʼt want money or goods, they just want to humiliate and annihilate their prey both mentally and physically. The men are looking for social redemption, playing a game of cat and mouse, which will lead to the certain death of the hostages. The father’s only possibility to save his family is to free the results of his laboratory experiments from their cages – monstrous creatures, hungry for living flesh. The beasts force both the hunters and their prey to run for their lives. The new and dangerous enemy will force the family and their attackers to adapt to a new shift in power. In order to survive they will ultimately have to change their perceptions about what is good and what is evil.

Actors: Danny Cutler, Alex Lucchesi, Alex Southern, Kate Marie Davies, David White

Director: Brini Amerigo