The prostitute Sarah is murdered by her pimp. The city planner Yann Moreau is confronted with the fact that the city is run by corrupt politicians. Nothing connects the lives of these two very different people, were it not for the 9-mm gun, which is found in the stomach of Sarah’s body. Nobody knows that Sarahs ghost lives within the gun. With the help of Yann, who involuntarily comes into possession of the weapon, Sarah declares war on the gangsters and corrupt politicians . A merciless fight breakes out , which could not be more brutal.

Take the unbridled ferocity of a Luc Besson movie, mix in the best elements from HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, SHOOT ‚EM UP and CRANK, and out comes the action firecracker CALIBRE 9. With its innovative story and spectacularly choreographed shootouts CALIBRE 9 proves to be an action firework of the extra class.

Director: Jean-Christian Tassy

Stars: Laurent Collombert, Nathalie Hauwelle, Phillippe Burel