Excess Flesh

Stylish and vicious, bitch-horror plummets to nasty new depths with Patrick Kennelly’s EXCESS FLESH, a revenge film with a body horror sting in the tail. Played to perverse perfection by Bethany Orr, Jill is a self-conscious young woman with an eating disorder, obsessed with her sexy, selfish housemate Jennifer (Mary Loveless) who finds endless satisfaction in humiliating the insecure Jill. Spiraling deliriously out of control, Jill reaches breaking point, with results that combine the darkest aspects of SINGLE WHITE FEMALE, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Director Patrick Kennelly brings this all together with a clear love of body horror, resulting in a film as fascinating as it is fun. One of the most controversial films to debut a SXSW this year, you will not forget EXCESS FLESH.

Actors: Bethany Orr, Mary Loveless, Wes McGee

Director: Patrick Kennelly

DVD: MP128

BD: MP129B