My Father Die

Asher (Joe Anderson in a stunning silent performance) was left deaf and mute after being beaten by his ultra-violent biker father, Ivan, who also thrashed neighborhood girl Nana and killed his older son Chester. Ten years later, Asher and his bedridden mother get word Ivan has been given an early release due to prison overcrowding. Asher immediately goes on offense, arming himself and doing his own detective work to figure out his father’s location. Along the way, Asher runs into a grown-up Nana (Candace Smith) who is now a single mom with an infant son, supporting herself through webcam sex work from home. Meanwhile Ivan goes on the hunt for his son, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in his wake. Young Brosnan, who also wrote the screenplay, leaves an indelible mark as director, drawing convincing performances from his excellent cast, and straddling the border of nihilistic revenge tale and brutalist Southern Gothic redemption with a poetic, even romantic sensibility.


Director: Sean Brosnan

Stars: Gabe White, Chester Rushing, Trina LaFargue