Rage of the Undead

A uniquely hilarious dummies guide on how to survive a zombie holocaust, RAGE OF THE UNDEAD is equal parts SHAUN OF THE DEAD, BATTLE ROYAL and VIDEODROME!
Some fledgling film editors working in a sleazy video company find a mystical VHS tape that contains tips uncannily related to each undead encounter they face in the wake of a sudden zombie apocalypse!  The walking dead are led by two enigmatic and deranged half-zombie women (played by Maimi Yajima and Airi Suzuki, members of the J-Pop band C-ute) who have ability to control the zombie’s every move, and are intent on turning every living soul into fodder for their undead army. Using the video as a ‚How-To‘ manual, our heroes manage to fight off repeated zombie attacks, but will it be enough to survive THE RAGE OF THE UNDEAD?
Playing with the tropes and conventions of zombies and zombie movies RAGE OF THE UNDEAD brilliantly turns the oeuvre on its head – This is easily the smartest horror-comedy to ever come out of Asia!

Actors: Saki Nakajima, Miyuki Torii, Maimi Yajima, Tomu Miyazaki, Mayu Sugano

Director: Kenji Murakami

DVD: MP017