Rampage: President Down

Bill Williamson is back! Bill, the mass murderer, who already killed dozens of people to make a statement about all the things going wrong in this world, is still alive despite official information. He keeps hiding in the forest until his anger rises and he has to take action again. So he steps out of his cover and kills one of the most powerful persons in the world: The president of the USA. But the federal agents are on his tail…

PRESIDENT DOWN by well-known director Uwe Boll is a grim statement about everything that’s wrong in this world. So this movie is not only thrilling to watch, but also extremely intense with an impressive performance of Brendan Fletcher as protagonist Bill, who holds up a mirror to the audience. The final movie of the RAMPAGE trilogy is brutally honest – a perfect ending.

Actors: Brendan Fletcher, Ryan McDonell, Steve Baran, Scott Patey

Director: Uwe Boll