A lonesome traveler stops for the night at a cheap motel, needing nothing more than a hearty meal and a couple of hours of sleep. But he is not to be granted his short time of rest, as three masked men invade his room, inject him with a drug and start to hunt him through the city. Driven bei sheer panic the traveller tries to flee, but he gets cornered and there seems to be no way to escape…

A brutal, deadly play of cat-and-mouse, which evolves into a journey between nightmare and reality and takes grip of its audience from the first minute to take it down a dark vortex. TEMPUS TORMENTUM is a movie, that could not be better even if it would have been made by David Lynch. Being delirious, gloomy and intense this movie does not only push the genre boundaries, it creates its very own genre between madness and dream, between life and death.


Director: James Rewucki

Stars: Tyhr Trubiak, Virine Bahadoosingh, Dan Grapko