Tony, once the leader of a notorious hooligan gang, a man you wouldn’t want to meet in a fight – brutal and relentless- has to take some time off after a serious head injury from a fight with a Russian Ultra. But Tony is not a man that backs down, and with the upcoming World Cup in Russia he takes on the struggle to come back to take vengeance.

Hooligans – feared by some, admired by others. Brutal, bloody violence is their daily fare. RED ARMY HOOLIGANS takes its audience into a dark, violent world, in which only the strongest ones survive. Director Steven M. Smith manages to create a stunning portrayal of a mostly unknown subculture. He gives his audience a brief glimpse into a scene, that couldn’t be more impressive! A grasping movie!


Director: Steven M. Smith

Stars: Jon-Paul Gates, Earl Ling, Hans Hernke