Sex, crime and rock’n’roll – WOLF MOTHER is a gangster film mixed up with a road movie and some form of absurd love story. A stylish movie that keeps impressing its audience with freaky characters, a thrilling story and a little bit of dark humor. WOLF MOTHER could not have been better even if it was made by Tarantino!

Beautiful Zelda, former Hollywood child star, lost all her fortune because of her greedy parents, so that she has to make a living as a prostitute. Together with Ben, a petty thief dealing with a lot of bad luck, Zelda decides to step out of her normal life and works out a reckless plan not only to avenge the injustice in their lifes, but also to save a young girl that got abducted by brutal human traffickers. A wild trip for the both of them!

Director: Erik Peter Carlson

Stars: Tom Sizemore, Najarra Townsend, Mary Carey