A successful career, a nice loft and some love interests – life couldn’t be better for Kira. But suddenly the beautiful young woman begins to suffer from memory loss and a strange skin condition: Kira’s skin is aging, crusting over and crumbling away – she’s aging rapidly. As no doctor can help her, she discovers that fresh skin from other women can help her. But as there are no willing donors, Kira needs to take some bloody actions to get the skin she needs….

In a time in which being young and beautiful seems to be everything and with plastic surgeries being common REPLACE is a film that twists the knife in the wound of the beauty craze. REPLACE reminds a lot of Cronenberg’s body-horror films, but manages to create its own, unique feeling. Being a hypnotic, bloody experience the film really grips its audience and you can’t help asking yourself, what price you would pay for beauty.


Director: Norbert Keil

Stars: Rebecca Forsythe, Lucie Aron, Barbara Crampton