‚Curiosity killed the cat.‘ – or in this case some curious teenagers in Talon Falls, where they lurk around, only to find pain, torture and death! Shot in the real existing horror attraction ‚Talon Falls‘, this movie is a festival of terror, not to be seen since Eli Roth’s HOSTEL. A dark, sinister atmosphere permeates the whole movie, which comes up with effects so bloody, horror fans will find their new favorite!

What should have been a creepy, but fun trip, soon turns into a bloody nightmare: Lance and his friends visit the horror house ‚Talon Falls‘, well known for its bloody attractions. But when the friends realize, that the grusesome torture scenes are a little too real and the victims‘ screams of agony are a little too authentic, it is too late for them: They are captured, caged and will soon be brutally tortured to please the audience with their desperate screams…


Director: Joshua Shreve

Stars: Brad Bell, Fred Biggs, Lonnie Bloomburg