Epecuén a once touristic town in Argentina flooded in 1985: 30 years later the waters have receded and a group of young filmmakers visits the reemerged ruins to shoot a documentary. Soon they realize that they aren’t the only ones in the ruins. Epecuén seems to have new residents, who start a brutal, bloody manhunt…

Bleak ruins, the solitude of a deserted town and a degenerated family with a perverted delight in torture, pain and cannibalism, that is WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND, a perfect slasher! The city of Epecuén and its beautiful loneliness make for some stunning shots and create a creepy, tense atmosphere that sucks the audience in right from the very first minute. Mixed with handmade effects, so gory horror fans will dance with joy WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND is a unique must-see!

Directors: Luciano Onetti, Nicolás Onetti

Stars: Agustín Pardella, Damián Dreizik, Victoria Maurette